Woman in sports reporting

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Trials of being a female sports reporter

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Ex-49ers player accused of sexual assault, biting woman: report

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Women in Sport: New report calls for culture change at all levels

Sports broadcasts have become about so much more than just the game. The athletes on the field aren't the only thing people are tuning in for. Here are the 20 hottest sideline reporters right now. Alana Blanchard spot second in our list of most beautiful women in sports.

Final Report of the Government's Women and Sport Advisory Board

She is an American professional surfer and occasional fashion model. She currently has her own show, Surfer Girl, by Network A, which follows her life in Kauai as a professional surfer and model. Language around women in sport focuses disproportionately on the appearance, clothes, and personal lives of women, highlighting a greater emphasis on aesthetics over athletics.

News coverage also portrayed women's sport in a more positive light compared to men, but the report said it was a "double-edged sword", because it meant female athletes needed to win to gain media.

A FRANCE 24 journalist on Monday became at least the third woman sexually harassed during a live report from the World Cup in Russia, a phenomenon all too familiar to women reporting on sport. 6 Sports, Media and Stereotypes area about the impact of their representation of male and female athletes, particularly in the media, and how it creates and maintains traditional images of women .

Woman in sports reporting
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The Results Are In: Sports Reporting Is As Sexist As You’ve Always Sus