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BCG Matrix of PepsiCo

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Can you copy a business model? Groupon and its clones

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PepsiCo Inc’s is a renowned multinational American corporation, which operates in, beverage and food processing industry. It’s headquarter is located in, New York, United States of America. A study from Universum, a global research and advisory firm, found that business students from all around the globe named Google as "the world's most attractive employer." Not so surprisingly.

Name Type AUS CAN EUR IND JAP US ; 3M Company: Global Supporter. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix is a four celled matrix (a 2 * 2 matrix) developed by BCG, USA.

It is the most renowned corporate portfolio analysis tool. It provides a graphic representation for an organization to examine different businesses in it’s portfolio on the basis of their related market share and industry growth rates.

McDonald is an American chain of fast food restaurants. Initially it was a barbecue restaurant, founded in administered and managed by, Maurice McDonald and Richard. Ikea marketing management presentation 1. Didem ŞAHİN Ahmet OCUK BCG Matrix for IKEA • Textile products were investigated to be an example for BCG Matrix: • Ikea’s Textile products are question mark on BCG Matrix because of the strong rivals .

Ikea bcg
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