How language shapes thought

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Lera Boroditsky

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“How Language Shapes Thought,” A Review

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Shaped by Language: What Comes First the Thought or the Language Language, due to its specific properties, is one aspect that makes human beings unique in comparison to other animals and species. The fact that different languages can alter the way we perceive the world, and objects we view.

There are about 7, languages spoken around the world -- and they all have different sounds, vocabularies and structures. But do they shape the way we think?

Cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky shares examples of language -- from an Aboriginal community in Australia that uses cardinal directions instead of left and right to the multiple words for. Jun 01,  · The Chinese female pronoun was invented quite recently.

So Chinese is not a natural gender language like English. Besides, the two pronouns are the same in pronunciation, making the gender. The hypothesis of linguistic relativity holds that the structure of a language affects its speakers' world view or known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism, the principle is often defined to include two versions: the strong hypothesis and the weak hypothesis.

The strong version says that language determines thought. Etymology. The word fiqh is an Arabic term meaning "deep understanding": or "full comprehension". Technically it refers to the body of Islamic law extracted from detailed Islamic sources (which are studied in the principles of Islamic jurisprudence) and the process of gaining knowledge of Islam through historian Ibn Khaldun describes fiqh.

Language in Thought and Action (5th edition) is a wonderful book. I have two copies (thought my first one was lost, bought another because I need it for regular reference) and I have recommended it often to others.

How language shapes thought
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