How emotional intelligence contributes to leadership

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Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence and Dark Side Leadership

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

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Leading With Emotional Intelligence

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The Open Nursing Journal

Emotional intelligence for leadership can consist of these five attributes: self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship management, and. Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies are each a learned capacity, based on Emotional Intelligence, which contributes to effective performance at work – and often greater satisfaction in life as well.

An emotional competence is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that contributes to effective performance in a leadership position (or any position for that matter).

A lack of emotional intelligence and therefore emotional competency can lead to toxic behavior. - The key to successful leadership is emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Sets Leaders Apart

More than 3, studies on emotional intelligence have shown that it contributes to both professional and personal success, boosting your emotional quotient, or EQ, is tied to more effective leadership, entrepreneurship, career success, as well as happiness and relationship.

See our article on Emotional Intelligence in Leadership for specific tips related to a leadership role. Key Points Although "regular" intelligence is important to success in life, emotional intelligence is key to relating well to others and achieving your goals.

The Roles of Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skill, and Transformational Leadership in Improving Construction Safety Riza Yosia Sunindijo, (University of New South Wales, Australia).

How emotional intelligence contributes to leadership
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What Is Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman