How effective were the tactics of

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How effective were the US tactics of ‘Search and Destroy’ and ‘Defoliation’ in the Vietnam War?

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How Effective Were the Guerrilla Tactics of the Viet Cong

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Jun 18,  · There was a technique used in the Pacific called the Cotton Chopper. The Japanese Zero was an extremely maneuverable plane.

It could out turn anything in the sky. But it could not dive at speeds greater than miles per hour. American aircraft w. The Viet Cong also thought of backup tactics. These included secure sanctuaries for times when the war might go badly.

These were very effective as when the US troops outnumbered the Viet Cong they could retreat to a hiding spot to then launch an ambush.

How Effective Were the Vietcongs Tactics Essay. The war in South Vietnam became a “war with no front” where guerrilla fighters could not be distinguished from the local populace who might, in fact, have been guerrilla fighters - How Effective Were the Vietcongs Tactics Essay introduction.

The US found itself at war with an enemy that could disappear within minutes of an attack, one that. How effective were the guerrilla tactics of the Viet Cong – History Plan * What tactics the Viet Cong used against US/ARVN troops.

* How the Viet Cong dealt with the decisions made by the US troops. * How guerrilla tactics were better than those used by the US troops. Nevertheless, Japanese ASW tactics were not very effective for most of the war. While U.S. fleet submarines were larger than German U-Boats, with greater range, more amenities, and improved electronics, they were not equipped with survivability mods such as a snorkle.

Mar 05,  · Strategy and tactics. Vietnamese organization and leadership were generally effective, albeit expensive in lives. The use of terrain was often masterful, both tactically and for sanctuary.

When popular support lagged, terrorist tactics were used—particularly the murder of pro-government village headmen—to coerce peasants into furnishing.

How effective were the tactics of
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