Fpl case report

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Case Studies

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South Florida task forces, FPL crews head to Carolinas ahead of Florence

FPL Case Report FPL Group, Florida’s largest electric utility company, announced to cut its dividend for the first time in 47 years in has shocked the public. A former FPL accounts supervisor is trying to come up with roughly $, to reimburse the company for money he is accused of embezzling, his attorney told a Palm Beach County judge on Tuesday.

NextEra CEO Jim Robo envisions a renewable future, but his subsidiary FPL remains addicted to gas

A report by an adversarial environmental group adds ammunition to a goal set by the Miami-Dade County Commission to put an expiration date on FPL’s troublesome cooling canals.

FPL's plan for a new reactor calls for injecting radioactive waste into a zone just beneath Miami's drinking water supply, raising fears of contamination. Case Studies. See how actual businesses are saving money with FPL programs. Charlotte County Public Schools Case Study.

The Charlotte County Public School System is saving money through more than a decade of energy efficiency efforts.

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Fpl case report
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FPL Wants Groups To Specify Remedies In Nuke Pollution Suit - Law