Florentine vs the venetian approach to reporting

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The Venetian style of reporting, puts the debits on the left sideof the accounting sheet, across credits. It uses severalcross-indexed books.

This style became the model for t he ledgersheets of. Venetian report of it was stated that in the city of San Biagio the inha- bitants spoke Slavic fluently („ la lingua loro natia è schiava, con la quale parlano li altri Dalmatini ”) 5.

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The Venetian style of reporting, puts the debits on the left sideof the accounting sheet, across credits. It uses severalcross-indexed books. This style became the model for t he ledgersheets of. Oct 03,  · The Venetian vs Florentine Gardens. Knottie member.

Although the Venetian does have a good cocktail hour I felt like it was a wedding factory. There are multiple brides and parties there at once (total deal breaker for me) and the surrounding area left something to be desired. As far as the food goes.

Florentine vs the venetian approach to reporting
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Arts and Facts: Episode Venetian vs. Florentine Renaissance Art